What is TRUST-able and who am I?

My name is Robin Good.
Super-happy to meet you.

Let me briefly introduce myself:

I am a Communication Designer.
Born and grown in Italy, I have graduated in the US and am now based on a little island in Mexico.

a) My main activity is helping entrepreneurs become *trusted advisors* in their market niche.

b) The key goal is to assist these entrepreneurs be perceived as trustable “experts” in their own fields. Reason being that the more trusted you are, the less you have to push to sell anything. To the point where your very contacts will start asking for your services and products even before you offer them.

c) To achieve this goal I strongly focus on teaching how to build trust and authority (credibility, reputation) without appearing presumptuous, self-referential and ego-centric.

d) The key ingredients in building trust and authority are the creation of value beyond what everybody else does while actively working to seed and nurture one-to-one long-term relationships through sharing and active listening.


How I Started

To get a glimpse of what I have been able to accomplish so far online (2000-today) check out this profile page.

For ten consecutive years (2001-2012) I have written and published original content online as there would have been no tomorrow on MasterNewMedia.org.

While everyone else wanted to have a blog and be a blogger, I wanted to have an online digital magazine to explore a new way of doing journalism without having the traditional credentials required.

I wrote weekly newsletters, researched reports, guides and manuals, sold ebooks, did video and live streaming (when there was yet no Youtube).

At the peak of this publishing period I reached over one million readers monthly with content written in four different languages, and was able to invoice Google for over one million dollars in advertising.

On the wings of such economic success and the know-how acquired in achieving it I opened a very small online academy. The POP Campus. Directed at indie entrepreneurs, experts, trainers and coaches, its purpose revolves around guiding my clients in defining and then executing their ideal online marketing strategy. Offline and online.


Early Years

I have been exposed to the communication arts since I was a kid. My father (through music, photography and typography) and my mother (through design) have inspired a lot of this.

Though my parents tried to further educate me in the arts (theater, music, design), I always found myself uncomfortable with traditional teachers and formal classes.

At 13 I started DJing professionally at private parties. At 17 I was live on the radio presenting new music while entertaining the audience.

My family wanted me to get a degree but I didn’t want to fit in one of those pre-designed career boxes. Of all the possible study options I chose the one of following the footsteps of the great Jacques Cousteau becoming an oceanographer.

After six exams and 2.5 years studying things that had nothing to do with exploring the oceans, I pivoted to study how to become a multimedia producer and got a BFA from San Francisco State University in Experimental and Interdisciplinary Arts with the highest possible grades.


Professional Work

I then went on to work for commercial television for many years and produced hundreds of station breaks, trailers, opening titles and music videos.

As the internet and desktop publishing technologies came about I moved away from video and dove into design and publishing for many NGOs and international non-profit organizations (FAO of the UN, World Food Program, IFAD, ILRI, etc).

Only when I was 47 I started a new career as an independent publisher online.

In 2017 ROI Edizioni has published my first book entitled “da Brand a Friend”. The book describes in layman terms a new way of doing business online centered around two pillars:

1) sharing great value and

2) cultivating long-term relationships.


I have been an independent, self-financed and 100% economically-sustainable online publisher for over 17 years (since 2004).

Here are testimonials and reviews from Italian readers and customers.

100% of my work is done online and the largest part of my revenues come from supporters subscriptions, consulting, speaking at events and from the sales of courses and guides.

My work has been cited and mentioned in over 100 books. Among them “Net Smart” by Howard Rheingold and “Informal Learning“ by the late Jay Cross.

I have spoken and presented at many important marketing and communication events (LeWeb, Forum Eccellenze, TEDx, Marketing Forum, SMXL).

In 2017 I have published my first book (in Italian) entitled “da Brand a Friend”.

I have published hundreds of videos (both in English and Italian).

I maintain a few online resources to keep under tabs my interest for alternative tools for communication professionals and for the art of content curation:

I regularly publish a podcast in Italian entitled “da Brand a Friend”.


Why TRUST-able?

TRUST is the critical element in any online communication and marketing strategy.

Without it there are no lasting successful results.

You can have maximum visibility, tons of great content and the best-looking website on the planet but if your readers don’t find you credible and worth their trust they will not subscribe, rent or buy anything from you.

The curious, interesting thing is that most people really do not know how to appear credible, competent and highly reputable.

It seems that for most it’s easier to imitate what others do wrong than to investigate what’s really needed to gain higher authority and reputation.

One could in fact wonder how is it that over so many years of formal education enforced on individuals, none is devoted to learn such basic and important disciplines.

Thus, I have decided to take it as a challenge, to move my focus away from shiny new trends, tools and concepts, and stick to the fundamentals of what it takes to gain other people’s trust.

This newsletter helps you understand how to cultivate and grow your own trustworthiness.


This newsletter is written for those interested in going beyond the easy shortcuts to gain higher reputation and credibility online.

There are in fact many ways to achieve a high-level of credibility online, but they all require sustained time and effort.

The results of heavily investing in bringing one’s reputation and credibility as high as possible, can bring back positive results for a long time.

To achieve such results it’s necessary to study, experiment and practice new roads and approaches without fear of failing.

I would be honoured to be allowed to inspire, guide and help you progress on this challenging path.

Please support my mission in helping other indie entrepreneurs like you become sustainable “trusted advisors” in their market niche.

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