Top insights and resources to achieve higher reputation and credibility online

Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Robin Good and I am a small online independent author. 

Since 2000 I have been sharing strategic insights, resources and tools to help independent publishers, such as consultants and experts, communicate and market themselves effectively on the Internet.

For 14 years, from 2000 to 2014 I authored an online magazine called MasterNewMedia. At its peak it was published in four different languages and had nearly a million views per month.


My business formula is centered around creating unique value and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

Since 2010 I have created an online campus for independent publishers where I assist entrepreneurs and small companies define and execute their own online marketing strategy. The campus is now open only to Italian entrepreneurs interested in becoming the “go-to-person” in their own online market niche. You can find out more about the campus here.


My typical client main objective is to appear highly reputable, competent, credible and authoritative throughout his communication channels.

Generally his key goal is to gain the trust and confidence of his readers (potential clients) before even attempting to sell them anything.

This is the focus of this newsletter: To guide and assist online independent publishers in becoming trusted, highly-reputable, credible, authoritative sources. 


I am publishing this newsletter to see more entrepreneurs achieve long-term success (economic sustainability and/or greater profits) online.

I want to contribute what I can to avoid seeing more individuals enslaving themselves to work for big companies that have no heart or interest for them beyond their profits.


The format
Each newsletter issue will present unique resources, best examples and tools to help, inspire, assist online authors on the key seven issues I have identified as being indispensable for anyone wanting to become an economically-sustainable “trusted source”.


These seven topics are:

1) How To Create Real Value
Editorial strategy, content marketing, engineering as marketing, etc

2) How To Cultivate Relationships
Lead generation, customer service, onboarding, email marketing, community building

3) How To Communicate Effectively 
Writing, visual communication, editorial strategy, information design, UX, usability

4) How To Market Yourself
Personal Branding, bio, credentials, testimonials, transparency, visual identity,

5) How To Get More Visibility
SEO, distribution, word-of-mouth, advertising, visibility

6) How To Monetize
Business models, payment solutions, pricing

7) How To Stay Always Ahead of Competitors
Learning, organizing, Personal knowledge management, logistics, focus/concentration/productivity



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Robin Good